Mental Clarity (Hunter-Gatherer Mindset)

Since the inception of the industrial age, it has been quite hard for humans to evade consuming carbs. In modern times, the increasing rise of machines and factories make manufacturing food products with carbohydrates easier and easier. This is due to the increase in human populations around the world and the need to feed more people.

Prior to the industrial age, humans were able to get the nutrients and energy that they needed from living a hunter-gatherer lifestyle. In doing this, most of their diets consisted of animal products with little to no starch vegetables or carbs. 

Because of lifestyle developments over the years, we do not necessarily need to eat and live  how we have been taught to eat in the past. It has been proven that adopting the hunter-gatherer mindset back into our daily lives could be very beneficial for humans. This is especially true for  those living in western societies.

According to Psychology Today, hunter-gatherer lifestyles and regular exercise has been linked to improved brain functionality. By examining evolution and the trends of the human brain over a large span of time, scientists have developed an “evolutionary neuroscience perspective” for how we live today. Read more at Psychology Today..

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