The hunter-gather mindset and keto

If you’ve been living a ketogenic lifestyle for a while then the concept of the “hunter-gather” mindset is probably not new to you. If you are new to the keto lifestyle than this article can help you understand why keto is not just a “new and trendy diet”, but a sustainable way to think about our relationship to the foods we choose to eat. In essence, hunter-gatherer communities ate whatever they could find which depended on where they lived.

People hundreds of years ago in hunter-gatherer communities lived mainly on fats and proteins, with very little carbs. Research has shown that preagricultural humans who were hunter-gatherers living in certain parts of the world consumed very little carbohydrates and were able to evolve over time the same way as other humans. This is because during certain times of the year foods containing carbs such as root vegetables and some fruits were hard to find. Sources of protein from animals were more common as humans were able to easily hunt them down, verses waiting for the climate to be suitable to grow crops. 

In 2011, a team of German scientists studied and analyzed 229 hunter-gatherer diets from around the world. They concluded that people living in higher latitudes such as hunter-gatherers in Europe consumed only 9-22% of their daily calories from carbohydrates. Additionally, one of the most common ways of eating around the world during these times consisted of one third of their caloric intake stemming from carbohydrates. 

Of course as time and human’s daily lives and activities evolved, our ways of eating have evolved as well. However, there is significant evidence that shows reverting to a more hunter-gatherer style of eating is completely sustainable and beneficial to humans today. Read more here.

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