What are the Benefits of Clean Keto?

The benefits of Clean Keto are the benefits of a more effective keto diet. They include:

  • Accelerated Weight Loss - The people we asked to test this product were all in ketosis already. They reported modest increases in the speed with which they were losing weight. Average increases amounted to about an additional pound per week with regular use. While that doesn’t sound like much on the face of it, losing an extra 4 pounds per month is nothing to sneeze at.

  • Appetite Suppression - Eryday Labs Keto had this effect on most of our testers. And that’s a very positive result. Typically, you only see this level of appetite suppression when large amounts of caffeine are involved. In this case though it can be attributed to a feeling of being satiated after drinking Clean Keto.

  • Protection from Carb ‘Slips’ - Just about anyone who has ever been on the low-carb keto diet has 'slipped' and had a bad carb day. Even just 100 - 120 grams in a single day is often enough to tip you out of ketosis. While Clean Keto can't protect you from a huge carb load of a few hundred grams, it can provide some protection against a modest carb load. We wouldn't advise testing the limits too often, however. 

  • Enhanced Mental Clarity - Once you start losing weight, you will no doubt become more active. A more active person has a more active heart that pumps more oxygen-carrying blood to the brain. This results in a more effective mental function. Stable blood sugars from the keto diet also contribute to enhanced mental clarity. 


Does Clean Keto Have Any Side Effects?

Clean Keto itself is not likely to produce any side effects. If you do experience any they’ll be the side effects of the keto diet itself. Those side effects include:

  • The ‘Keto Flu’ - It's not unusual for people to experience flu-like symptoms during the early days of their keto diet. This happens because their body is trying to adjust to the new dietary reality. Symptoms of the so-called 'keto flu' include sore throat, achy muscles, headaches, and constipation.

  • Frequent Urination - Fat cells not only store fat, they store tiny amounts of water as well. Once they’re metabolized for energy that water is released into your system. A few fat cells won’t release any measurable amount of water. But those on the keto diet burn through billions of fat cells. That’s enough water to send you to the bathroom more frequently.

  • A Sense of Fatigue - Whenever you put your body through a significant change it’s going to take some time for it to adjust. Often this adjustment period will be one of low energy, where you just don’t feel like your normal energetic self. If you stick to the diet it will pass.

"Ketones are an efficient and effective fuel... ketosis allows a person to experience

non-fluctuating energy throughout the day." - Dr. David Perlmutter 

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