What is Clean Keto?

The keto diet is the most talked-about diet in the world today. With innumerable celebrities singing its praises and success story after success story being told on TV. It's the only contemporary diet plan that's based entirely on rock-solid scientific research and the only one that is guaranteed to work if you follow its simple design to the letter. And that design is? Restrict your carbohydrate intake to 30 - 50 grams per day. Once you do that your body starts to produce ketones that metabolize fat into energy and you're on the way to sustainable weight loss. Most people on the keto diet have only 1 question: "Is there any way to speed up the process of fat burning?” The answer is “Yes”. And the makers of Eryday Labs Clean Keto say theirs is the best keto supplement for the job. Is it? Let’s find out.

What Exactly is Clean Keto?

Eryday Labs Keto is a BHB supplement produced by Eryday Labs in San Diego, California. It’s a supplemental powder you mix with your favorite non-carbonated beverage and it comes in two forms; Unflavored and Berry flavored. If you want to mix these BHB ketones with a flavored drink then choose the unflavored variety. If you’re simply adding it to water, then choose the berry flavor. We found the berry flavor to be very tasty and not too sweet the way some fruit drinks can be. 

No matter which you choose though you'll get a hefty dose of BHB ketones that mingle with the ketones already in your bloodstream and ramp up your keto-related fat burning efforts. Some folks look at the label of the unflavored Clean Keto box and are put off by the words "BHB Salts". But not to worry. It's not the same as common table salt. The BHBs "Salts" here basically harmless. They're part of the chemical composition of the betahydroxybutyrate ketones. (We'll get to those in a minute.)

“To sustain life during times of scarcity, the body developed the ability to utilize fat as an alternative fuel source.” - Dr. Jockers

Are E’ryday Labs Clean Keto Supplements Safe?

We scoured the available literature on its ingredients and closely monitored our testers and found no indication that Clean Keto presents any type of health hazard. The ingredient list is extremely simple. Which is something we always like to see in a supplement. It consists solely of three types of BHB ketones - calcium, magnesium, and sodium - along with some natural berry flavor and a bit of stevia in the flavored version.

One thing we really appreciate is that it doesn’t load you up with caffeine. Many lesser supplements dump a ton of caffeine on unsuspecting customers. Why? Because it gives the user the impression that the supplement is providing them some sort of keto-related energy boost. When actually all it’s doing is jacking you up on a caffeine buzz. So there’s none of that tomfoolery here. Just BHB ketones, a bit of natural sweetener and some flavoring. No GMOs either. And none of the common food allergens like soy, dairy or gluten. Let’s take a closer look at those ingredients just to be sure.

E’ryday Labs Clean Keto Ingredients

As we said, it’s not unusual for keto supplement makers to load you up with caffeine. Others hide their ingredient deficiencies behind a ‘proprietary blend’ label. Which is just a way to prevent you from seeing what’s not in the supplement. There are none of those games here. The E’ryday Labs Keto ingredient list is delightfully brief and uncluttered:

  • BHB ketones - Your body wants carbs. Sometimes though it can’t get carbs. When that happens it uses fat for fuel. That’s what love handles are for. They’re emergency backup energy in case it’s ever needed. When you’re on the keto diet you force your body to seek out and use those fat stores. And ketones are the compounds produced by your liver that enable fat to be metabolized into energy. The BHB ketones provided here are chemically identical to the ketones produced by the human body. You add them to your system and they increase your ability to burn fat.

  • Stevia - Stevia is a naturally occurring sweetener that is gleaned from the leaves of the stevia rebaudiana plant (a relative of the chrysanthemum). Stevia is anywhere from 100 to 300 times sweeter by volume than table sugar and contains no carbs or calories. Stevia won’t in any way interfere with your keto diet, but it does make things like powdered supplements more palatable.

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