What sugar is doing to your body

Sugar can be found in even the most unexpected products in your local grocery stores. They aren’t just added to obvious products like candy bars and carbonated drinks. Having too much sugar can contribute to significant diseases including diabetes, obesity, and some heart diseases. 

Eating too much sugar increases the insulin in your body and your bloodstream. This affects your arteries causing them to become inflamed. Over time your artery walls become thicker, wider and stiffer, adding stress on to them. Subsequently, this can lead to heart issues such as heart disease and strokes. Reducing your sugar intake has scientifically been proven to lower your blood pressure to avoid this from happening. 

Consuming too much sugar can have awful side effects on your skin. It can cause inflammation and dramatically age your skin. That’s because sugar contains advanced glycation end compounds (AGEs) which can accelerate the skin aging process. Sugar also rapidly increases blood sugar and insulin levels which causes increased oil production and inflammation. If you’ve ever gone on a sugar binge and noticed that your skin starts breaking out days later, chances are sugar is at the root of your problem.

Foods that are high in sugar are known to increase your blood sugar and insulin levels, causing you to experience a quick burst of energy that isn’t sustainable. Once the “sugar high” is over you will be left with a rapid drop in blood sugar causing you to crash. This can lead to you having fluctuating mood swings because your energy is going up and down. 

Sugar affects so much more than the examples we have listed but the gist of it all is that consuming too much is simply bad for your health. Click here to read the full article at healthline.com.

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