Why Does Clean Keto Use BHB Ketones?

Even some people on the ketogenic diet aren’t sure what ketones are or how they work. They just know that if they follow the diet’s low-carb dictates that they lose weight.

But BHB ketones are more than just a dietary curiosity. They’re at the heart of what makes the keto world go round. Without them, there is no ketosis, no keto-related weight loss and Eryday Clean Keto would have no reason to exist. So what are they?

BHB is scientific shorthand for ‘betahydroxybutyrate’. (Now you know why they just say ‘BHB’.) This is a type of chemical compound commonly known as a ‘ketone’ that is responsible for turning fat stores into useable energy. The terms ‘ketosis’, ‘ketogenic’ and ‘keto diet’ are derived from the word ‘ketone’.

Your body produces BHB ketones every day just in case you suddenly experience a carbohydrate shortfall and it needs to turn fat into energy. Most of the time you just pee out these unused ketones. But if you are on the low-carb keto diet these ketones will go to work transforming your love handles into usable energy and causing you to lose weight in the process. Exogenous ketones, like those you get in Eryday Clean Keto, are chemically identical to the ketones your body produces. When you drink a Clean Keto beverage these ketones are added to those already in your bloodstream and accelerate fat burning and weight loss.

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