Why Sugar is worse than heroin… (Health, Inflammation…)

There are many similarities between the effects of sugar and heroin that have been studied over the years. Eating foods high in sugar creates effects close to those of heroin.

Both sugar and heroin can be highly addictive and leave your body depending on them just to get out of bed in the morning. They both have dopamine inducing qualities that cause you to crave it more and more, the more that you get. Neurologists, psychologists, and scholars have all examined the effects of sugar in comparison to heroin and agree that sugar affects the brain in the same way that heroin does. Additionally, there is evidence that indicates that people who have had extended use to opioid drugs have displayed a higher desire for sugary products than those that have not used opioid drugs.

What’s even more dangerous about sugar (more so than heroin) is that over-consuming it may not have immediate short term effects for you to really analyze what it’s doing to your body. But the long-term effects can cost you your life. Eating products that contain added sugars are toxic and are harmful to your overall health. Read more about the link between the two by clicking here. 

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