Why we Created e'ryday labs clean Keto Supplements

 Hi, I’m Josh King

I discovered the power of diet a couple of years ago. Just like 35 million other people in the USA who suffer from severe eczema we try everything and anything to beat it.  But everything changed for me when I tripped over a newspaper article on ketosis and the possibilities of change my lifestyle. 

All sounded good but the first step was the hardest as I was quickly overwhelmed with the science, jargon and all the online bullcrap bandied around in this rapidly growing space. Despite the obstacles, I wanted to test and give this lifestyle change some time. So I dived in!

Like most millennials, although we want to act healthily and responsibly we also want to let our hair down every now and then and enjoy life! I embraced the changes but I found it too easy to slip out of ketosis then a real struggle to  get back into it. That occasional night out with the boys, family / work celebration or just stress don’t help any. It was tough both mentally and physically. I tried a ton of supplement brands to help me through mood swings and headaches and more….. but with so much ‘noise messaging’ and junk out there it’s tough to stay in the zone and enjoy yourself.

So, after working with my Dad on the launch of a new male hygiene and grooming brand called Manscaped (we successfully featured it on Shark Tank last year… and got a deal), we went back to our lab and formulation partners to work on a new Keto idea that would bring simplification, safety and effectiveness to everyone’s Keto  lifestyle, whether starting out, staying in or, like me back then, getting back.

Welcome to E’yryday Labs - dedicated to Keto supplements that are simple and safe with positive result driven outcomes. I am pumped to bring you our first two products that follow our ‘no bullcrap’ mantra. 

Both products allow for great taste, will supplement any food type and Keto diet but most importantly they respect that we are all human and need a little help every now and then... while enjoying life!

With E’rydayLabs we are there for you every day!

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